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  • teacompost

    Trust Me…..This is Everyone’s Cup of Tea

    The Amazon Jungle flourishes on its own without gardeners, regular fertilization or pesticide application….so why not your garden? The difference is the beneficial microbiology in the soil. In nature, dead plant matter falls to the jungle/forest floor and forms a …

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  • checklist

    First Things First

    So you want to start an indoor garden? Where to start? Many beginners, including myself when I started, have trouble putting everything in the right order. My recommendation? Environment. Specifically, temperature and humidity. Banana trees and chili peppers will not …

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  • purewater

    It All Starts with Water

    Water quality is definitely a determining factor of the outcome in your hydroponic garden. Persistent problems in hydroponic systems are often traced back to the water supply. Water is the basic transportation in a hydroponic system, dissolving and transporting nutrients …

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