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  • hygrometer

    A Short Lesson In Humidity

    Humidity, simply put, is the amount of water in the air. Even more, warmer air can hold more water than cooler air. So for garden purposes let’s talk Relative Humidity, or the amount of moisture in the air as a …

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  • cartoon

    The Mistakes That We All Made, But You Won’t…

    My eyes were bigger than my stomach. Indeed, all too often humans have the tendency to take on more than they should. It is no different in the gardening world. While I do understand the ambition and motivation behind someone …

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  • rockwool

    How to clone plants using Rockwool

    In this video, Paul gives a┬ástep-by-step explanation on making clones (taking cuttings) with Rockwool as a grow media. Once your clones have rooted they can be transplanted to any type of media or soil.   Step 1: Preparation – Always …

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