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  • rockwool

    How to clone plants using Rockwool

    In this video, Paul gives a step-by-step explanation on making clones (taking cuttings) with Rockwool as a grow media. Once your clones have rooted they can be transplanted to any type of media or soil.   Step 1: Preparation – Always …

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  • vitaminb1(1)

    B Vitamins

    B vitamins are an essential ingredient to your nutrient regiment.  They have many uses, but most importantly, Vitamin B1 (thiamine) has been shown to cause the plants to develop SAR.  SAR is Systemic Acquired Resistance.  What this means is that …

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  • enzymes


      Enzymes are catalysts that are present in nature to help break down dead matter into sugars and carbohydrates that living organisms can process and use as nutrients. In the case of plants, this means that an enzyme that is …

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  • roots2

    Root Accelerators

    There’s a proverbial saying we often hear, “more roots more fruits.” What good are the fruits of your labor if it’s not bountiful? It’s up to the grower to provide a quick and efficient way for accelerated root proliferation during …

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