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  • rockwool

    How to clone plants using Rockwool

    In this video, Paul gives a step-by-step explanation on making clones (taking cuttings) with Rockwool as a grow media. Once your clones have rooted they can be transplanted to any type of media or soil.   Step 1: Preparation – Always …

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  • roots2

    Root Accelerators

    There’s a proverbial saying we often hear, “more roots more fruits.” What good are the fruits of your labor if it’s not bountiful? It’s up to the grower to provide a quick and efficient way for accelerated root proliferation during …

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    We Grow’s Holiday Store Hours

    Dec. 24th – 11am – 4pm Dec. 25th – CLOSED Dec. 31st – 11am – 4pm Jan. 1st – CLOSED Have a blessed holiday!


    End of the Year Clearance Sale!

    From now until December 31st, We Grow is having a HUGE CLEARANCE SALE. Everything is up to 50% off. Stock is limited so act quick.  Happy Holidays!

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