Bloom Enhancers


When discussing plants that flower and fruit, the focus is always on the bloom cycle of the plant.  Why is the balance so skewed towards blooming over vegetative?  The answer is very simple; feeding your plants the right amount of macro and micro nutrients at the right time in the right amounts equates to a much higher crop count as well more thorough production.  Think about it this way.  If you are going to run a marathon, you can’t just enter with no preparation.  You need to exercise daily and, just as important, feed your body with the right diet and water to make sure you are building muscles and burning fat in accordance to your training.  It’s the same for our plants.  If you give them the right balance of nutrients at the right time your crop will have a head start on creating the garden you imagined it would be.  Today we are going to break these bloom enhancers into three parts: Bloom Starters, Mid-Bloom Enhancers, and Finisher/Ripeners.

As is fairly common knowledge, plants will automatically go into their flowering mode when they start getting 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness every day.  Outdoors, there really isn’t much you can do about the amount of daylight there is, but indoor growers have control over lighting hours.

But is there anything else you can do to speed this process up, other than flipping your light schedule?  Yes there is.  Bloom starters.  These unique products have high doses of phosphates and potassium (P&K) to give your plants the exact amount of macro nutrients they need to make the switch.  Not only will a bloom starter speed up the transition from vegetative to flower but they also help the plant create more flower sites.  As we all know, more flower sites equates to higher yields simply by having more places the plant is utilizing its growing capability.

After using a good bloom starter it is key to switch to a mid-bloom enhancer.  Much like the bloom starters they will also help your plant keep producing flower sites, as well as help pack weight on your newly created flower sites and allow the plant to produce much bigger fruit at each flower site.  Since you created more flower sites than normal using the bloom starter, and even more with the mid-bloom enhancer, the plant will be able to put out more production utilizing the additional flower sites.

The last phase is the finisher and ripener.  These are used to increase oil and resin production in the last few weeks of flowering, as well as making your product much more dense.  Basically, you are telling the plant that it’s fruit needs to ripen because it has produced all it can and it’s time to finish it off.

With the right bloom developers we are sure you will see a big difference in your finished products, so come on in and we’ll help you understand what products would work best with your program.  Remember… We Grow better!

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