• Amino Acids

    Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which in turn makes them the building blocks for life.  While there are quite a few present out there, only L-Aminos acids apply to our garden’s needs. L-amino acids have many different …

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  • Beneficials/Compost Tea

    Did you know that in one teaspoon of living soil there are 100 million to 1 billion bacteria, 1 mile to 40 miles of fungal hyphae, and 1,000-100,000 protozoa? These organisms provide a variety of benefits for the plant. The …

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  • Silicates

    Silicates are a form of silicon.  Silicon is very prevalent in nature, as it is the 2nd most abundant material on the planet.  The most common silicate additive for plants is potassium silicate.  There is typically always small amounts of …

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  • Fulvic and Humic Acid

    Fulvic and Humic acid are chelators.  In basic terms, what this means is that by bonding themselves to minerals in your nutrient regimen, the minerals are broken down into more basic elements the plant roots can much more easily take …

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  • Carbs and Sugars

    To plants, carbs and sugars are very much the same thing, and that is energy. In basic terminology, its food for plants.  While plants do produce their own carbs and sugars, they do only what they “think” they will need …

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  • B Vitamins

    B vitamins are an essential ingredient to your nutrient regiment.  They have many uses, but most importantly, Vitamin B1 (thiamine) has been shown to cause the plants to develop SAR.  SAR is Systemic Acquired Resistance.  What this means is that …

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  • Enzymes

      Enzymes are catalysts that are present in nature to help break down dead matter into sugars and carbohydrates that living organisms can process and use as nutrients. In the case of plants, this means that an enzyme that is …

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  • Root Accelerators

    There’s a proverbial saying we often hear, “more roots more fruits.” What good are the fruits of your labor if it’s not bountiful? It’s up to the grower to provide a quick and efficient way for accelerated root proliferation during …

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