Oil & Resin Enhancers


Today we are going to discuss oil and resin enhancers.  The reason to add these enhancers to your regimen is to make sure the flowers of the plant are full of flavor, aroma and oils.  There are 3 main ways to create this; adding a liquid supplement, environment, and with UV lighting.

Liquid enhancers have various natural supplements that trigger a reaction within the plant to its most basic level.  It’s natural response is to produce additional resins to coat the plant.  This leads to better flavor and aroma for your end products.

An additional way to make the plants create more oils and resins is with temperature.  The recommended method for doing this is to slowly lower your temps at the end of your bloom cycle to mid to low 60’s with the lights on and off.  You don’t want to deviate much from that due to the fact that you don’t want to risk damaging the plants.  This method will make the plant start producing oil and resins due to the fact that you are tricking it into thinking that the season has changed and it is time for harvest.

Lastly we will discuss lighting.  Ever notice how metal halide bulbs come in different levels of Kelvin?  That is because they are each designed for different times of growth.  A 10K metal halide bulb used in the last 2 weeks of flower, in place of an HPS bulb, will provide a specific concentrate of UVB light that is not visible to the human eye.  This specific UVB spectrum causes the plant to react by trying to protect itself and creates oils and resins to cover itself with a protective layer.

These are the three main ways to produce more oil and resins for your crops, so come on in, and we can get you squared away with one or more of these useful methods.  Remember…  We Grow Better!

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